2020 APRA Silver Scroll Award Top 20 Announced

2020 APRA Silver Scroll Award Top 20 Announced

APRA have revealed the top 20 songs which have been identified as potential finalists for the 2020 Silver Scroll Award. Distilled from over 200 entries, it’s a wide ranging list that includes a number of little known artists alongside some very familiar names. Voting by the APRA NZ membership will determine the five finalists and winner of the 2020 APRA Silver Scroll Award, which will be presented at the Auckland Town Hall on Wednesday, October 14. In alphabetic order, by song title, the 20 songs are:

  • Best Thing In The Room, written by Lisa Crawley
  • Bone Dat Needs Pickin’, written and performed by Steve Tofa
  • Don’t You Know Who I Am, written and performed by Reb Fountain
  • Get The Devil Out, written and performed by Nadia Reid
  • Glitter written by Stella Bennett, Joshua Fountain and Djeisan Suskov, performed by Benee
  • Guilty Talk, written by Stephanie Brown and Fen Ikner performed by Lips
  • Hands, written by Bella Cook and Shannon Fowler, performed by Belladonna
  • I Might Disappear, written by Gussie Larkin, Lily West and Abraham Hollingsworth, performed by Mermaidens
  • In The Air, written by Arapekanga Hayden Adams-Tamatea, Brad Donald Kora, Hiriini Stuart Kora, Joel Charles Shadbolt, and Miharo Boaz Gregory, performed by L.A.B
  • Let’s Just Stay In Bed, written by Cass Mitchell and Bic Runga, performed by King Sweeties
  • Mighty Invader, written and performed by Troy Kingi
  • Remote, written by Annabel Alpers and performed by Hamerkop
  • Ruffle, written by Matthew Barus and Lauren Barus, performed by Terrible Sons
  • Superfan, written by Chelsea Jade Metcalf and Leroy Clampitt, performed by Chelsea Jade
  • Take, written by Finn Scholes, Tam Scholes, Siobhanne Thompson, Cass Mitchell and Alistair Deverick, performed by Carnivorous Plant Society
  • Trouble, written by Mona Sanei and Frank Eliesa, performed by Chaii
  • Walk, written and performed by Ria Hall
  • War Outside, written by Elijah Manu, Albert Purcell and Rory Noble, performed by Church & AP
  • Who?, written by Lance Fepuleai, Tony Tz, Harry Huavi and Stephen Atutolu, performed by Team Dynamite feat. Diggy Dupé
  • You Were Mine, written by Tamara Neilson and Joshua Neilson, performed by Tami Neilson

The judging panel of 10 fellow songwriters were: Amanda Cheng (Wax Chattels), Abigail Knudson (Missy), Cherie Mathieson, Delaney Davidson, Estère Dalton, Mark Williams (Slave, Fat Freddy’s Drop), Marlon Williams, Mel Parsons, Ned Ngatae (The Black Seeds, Fat Freddy’s Drop), and Shayne Carter. 


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