The Lindale Tourist Centre, Paraparaumu

Ph: 027 4864060



Overview: Besides recording & mixing, Ross McDermott provides production & arrangement skills second to none for songwriters & bands. Audiosuite, specialising in big warm sounding recordings.

Technical Facilities: Vintage compressors, equalizers, mics & preamps. High resolution A/D conversion. Classic mic collection. 7 metre high wooden main recording room. Great vibe.

Hourly rate: Negotiable

Contact/Engineer: Ross McDermott


Ben Delany Mastering


Ph: 021 222 2935



Twitter: @hello_master

Overview: Situated in the CBD. Custom large, acoustically designed and treated mastering space.

Technical: Mastering through custom mastering console. Vinyl pre-mastering. Analogue gear by: Cranesong, HCL, BURL, Lavry, BLA, ADAM, Focal, Bettermaker, Dangerous, Mytek, etc.

Producer/engineer/booking: Ben Delany

Clevetown Studio

Level 1, 278 Tuam Street, Christchurch 8011

Ph: (03) 372 9506 or 027 253 6001



Overview: Clevetown Studios is a multi functional music production and music teaching studio. The studio employs 5 music teachers and 2 recording engineers. We also offer production services for musicians looking to expand their creativity.

Technical: 32 channels of recording. A good selection of microphones, amps, instruments. Everything you need to get the job done in a friendly relaxed environment

Producer/engineer: Jamie Thomson, Steve Fowler

Rate: $60 (excluding gst)

Booking contact: Steve


Depot Sound

the depot 201628 Clarence St, Devonport, Auckland.

Ph: (09) 963 2328




Studio Manager: Dave Rhodes

Overview: Depot Sound offers friendly, professional and affordable recording studios for musicians and artists of all genres. Situated in the laid-back Devonport community close to cafes and the waterfront. Specialising in recording and mixing for bands as well as composing and arranging original music for singer-songwriters. Studio One is set up for high quality multi-track recording of bands, solo artists and community groups. The control room is spacious and comfortable with a live room large enough for live band recordings and an isolation booth if needed. Studio Two is ideal for music production, editing and mixing, and just the right size for singer-songwriter and voiceover recordings.

Equipment: Pro Tools 12, Apogee Symphony, Allen & Heath mixing console, various boutique mic pre amps. Microphones from Lewitt, Gefell, Lauten Audio, AKG, Oktava, Shure, Audio-Technica and more. Check our website for full tech specs.


Earwig Studios

earwig studios41 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead, Auckland
PO Box 34705 Birkenhead

Ph: (09) 480 2219

M: 027 278 1660



Overview: 24-track analogue studio with reverb chamber, plate and spring reverbs, Neumann U87, tape echoes, valve outboard, Hammond, piano, Rhodes, Leslie speaker, Theremin, various guitar amps.

Facilities: 2” MCI 24-track and Studer 1/2” 2-track outboard includes Focusrite, Urei LA-4 and dbx 160X, Buzz Audio, Lexicon Reverb, TL Audio and more. Fostex D5 DAT recorder, and Tascam CD RW-50CD, Allen and Heath ICE 16-track digital recorder and Soundtracs CM4400 40-channel console.

Engineer: Darren McShane

Hourly rate: $60 (engineer and gst incl.)

Booking contact: Darren McShane

New Plymouth

King Street Recording Studio

King st Logo11b King Street, New Plymouth

Ph: (06) 757 4324 or 027 6939393



Overview: King Street Recording Studio is configured to work with artists and bands looking to record their music to a high quality. We offer great equipment and a comfortable, creative environment. We are happy to work with projects that are partially home recorded and need to be finished and/or mixed. We can help you create great tracks and mix professional sounding songs.

Rates: Flexible hourly rates for artists and bands. Most projects with $50/hour. Please contact us for advice and to discuss budgets.

Booking contact:


Manuka Studios

53 Waldorf Crescent, Orewa

Ph: (09) 426 9533



Overview: Manuka Studios specialises in singer/songwriters who don’t have their own bands. Mike McCarthy will help you arrange and produce your songs to release-quality standards.

Facilities: All the usual stuff you’d expect from a pro studio – including the latest VST technology (Vienna Symphonic Library, LA Scoring Strings, BFD, Steve Slate Drums etc)

Engineer: Mike McCarthy

Hourly rate: 1/2 day: $350+GST, Full day: $700+GST

Booking contact: Mike McCarthy


Matrix Digital

matrix logoMatrix Digital, L1, 25 Hopper St, Wellington 6011

Ph: (04) 384 3393



Overview: Matrix Digital is Wellington’s best professional recording studio. We have been recording and producing for all styles and genres of music since 1991. Matrix Digital records and produces high quality audio for professional artists who need to deliver or promote their works, using any electronic medium. We achieve this by respecting our clients, listening to their needs and understanding their goals.

Facilities: Matrix Digital has a large 2103m live studio and 1263m control room, plus 2 isolation booths. The studio is suitable for all styles of music from Orchestral to Metal and everything in between. The studio is also equipped with a green screen and drapes for corporate video production work and music videos.

Technical: We run a Protools HD system with our new Euphonix System 5-MC console, far and mid-field Tannoy monitors, 5.1 surround monitoring, a large collection of outboard equipment and hi-end studio microphones. Plus we have in-house Drums and Percussion, Bass and Guitar rigs for hire. Also we have an HD broadcast camera and lighting kits.

Recording and Mix Engineer: Phill Adams, Blair Macdonald

Facilities Manager: Ellen Buchanan

Rates: We offer a range of great deals, including full day and weekend lockout deals. Contact us directly for quotes and any special requirements you may have.

Bookings: or (04) 384 3393