by Ben Mollison

Inaugural Bubble Bop Winners Announced

by Ben Mollison

Inaugural Bubble Bop Winners Announced

The winners of NZ’s first 24-hour Bubble Bop songwriting competition have been announced by Massey University‘s student-led creative organisation Something Something.

The competition, a truly changing-with-the-times initiative, was deemed a sweeping success, yielding some impressive results for the timeframe. Judges Benee and NZ on Air’s David Ridler, selected Auckland artist Phodiso as the winner of the pop entries. 

“Good little hook, nice beat, lovely female chorus vox, good vibe, good flow and lyrics in the raps. Production is really crisp and full. Very nice tune. Have listened through twice back to back and enjoyed lots of elements each time,” said Mr Ridler of Phodiso’s work.

First in the indie music offerings was Letitia Mackenzie as selected by Soaked Oats and Rodney Fisher of the NZ Music Commission

“Sick as dream-pop vibe! I love this track and the high notes are so ethereal and lush, almost a bit Cocteau Twins. The guitar sample and flush are reflected nicely in the underwater tone of the recording in a good way,” said Mr Fisher.

The final category required producers to remix the same track and was judged by Sachi along with Damian Vaughan from Recorded Music NZ.

Winner Hailure’s track was praised by Mr Vaughan for its various synth pads choices and breakbeat. 

Each of the winners will receive a prize of $1000. Runners-up for each of the genre categories were Sam Minot (pop), Samuel Morgan (indie), and Tom Verberne (remix)

The inaugural Bubble Bop competition ran for just a 24 hour period over June 13/14 with high-school and university students particularly encouraged to participate.