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NZ On Air Launches New Brand Assets

NZ On Air Launches New Brand Assets

At the beginning of November Irirangi Te Motu | NZ On Air has launched new brand assets designed to help New Zealand audiences identify funded content. 

Contractually, NZ On Air require all funded content and its promotion to clearly signal that it has been funded through NZ On Air so that taxpayers understand where the funding goes, and can appreciate and value the breadth of publicly funded content available. While the familiar NZ On Air swoosh remains, its application has been updated by designer and video producer Lee Gingold.

The most obvious design update to the static logo is a move away from using the spectrum of rainbow colours in order to better complement the variety of places it can appear. In line with government guidance on the use of Te Reo Māori in organisation names, the NZ On Air logo now leads with the Te Reo translation of the agency’s name – Irirangi Te Motu.

The animated logo assets used by screen producers and music video creators have also been updated, with swoosh transitioning from a soundwave into the islands of Aotearoa, alluding to funded content connecting with audiences across the motu. There are now light and dark versions of two new animated assets, which are available in 4K, HD and social media formats.

These new brand assets are for use immediately. Creative users are asked to delete any saved versions of the old logo, bug, end sequence. An updated Accreditation Requirements document is also available. 

Download the new assets here.

Download the updated accreditation document here.