New Music Industry Internship Programme

New Music Industry Internship Programme

The NZ Music Commission has announced its pilot music industry internship programme which will run from March next year.

The programme seeks to partner eight young people (aged 18 – 24) and eight NZ music businesses together with the intent to add value to one another and develop the knowledge, networks and career potential for the interns.

Internships are available nationwide where it is possible to match a potential intern with an appropriate host music business or organisation.

The Internships will run for 55 days, either part-time over an 18 week period, or full-time over an 11 week period.

Thanks to the generous support of Creative NZ for this pilot scheme, all interns will be paid for their internships (in accordance with living wage recommendations).

The host companies will be expected to make a modest contribution towards the intern’s wages.

The Music Commission will be inviting both potential interns and host music companies or organisations to apply from the 20 January 2018. An application form will be available on their website from that date, and applications will be open for one month.

The NZ Music Commission strongly believes that music is a vital and vibrant part of our culture and is excited to facilitate these partnerships as part of its ongoing work to support the growth of the NZ music industry.