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by Silke Hartung

Kiwi Songwriter Jordan Reyne On Hit Computer Game

by Silke Hartung

Kiwi Songwriter Jordan Reyne On Hit Computer Game

A decent sync can take your music a long way and UK-based Kiwi Jordan Reyne has achieved what many can only dream of.  Not only has she got a song onto the soundtrack of a major computer game – but even better – her music is the theme song.

Reyne, who has a side line of work in the gaming industry, performs a suitably dark version of Go Tell Aunt Rhody, based on a 19th Century childrens’ song, written and produced by Michael A Levine, whose credits include Lorde, the animated Star Wars Detours series, TV show Cold Case, and arranging Spider Pig as choir version for The Simpsons movie.

Reyne was invited to perform live at the new Resident Evil game launch in Tokyo in late January.

This is a big deal, and lucrative too – few locals have made it into the soundtrack of the big franchises in the gaming world. Lorde and The Ruby Suns have featured on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto in recent times.

To give some framework:

Resident Evil 7 sold 2.5 million copies worldwide in the first three days after its release.

The game was the first fully fledged release in the series since 2012’s Resident Evil 6 which had sold 6.3 million copies by late 2015.

Since the release of the first survival horror game in the Resident Evil series in 1996, there have been over 20 games and spin offs to the game on various platforms, as well as comic books, animated films, novels and 8 Hollywood movies.

According to the NZGDA, the gaming industry was expected to gross over $100 million in New Zealand alone in 2016, while globally the number sat around a whopping US$99.6 billion in revenue for the same time period.

‘Best Of Jordan Reyne’ is out now, in case you find a taste for her dark songs.

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