Finalists For The Taite Music Prize 2022

Finalists For The Taite Music Prize 2022

Independent Music NZ (IMNZ) has announced the finalists for the Taite Music Prize 2022 and the Best Independent Debut Award.

The award winners will be announced on April 20, along with the inaugural NZ On Air Outstanding Music Journalism Award, IMNZ Classic Record and the Independent Spirit Award recipients. 

Open to all labels and genres of music, the Taite Music Prize is judged on artistic merit, regardless of resulting sales success. The winner will receive a cash prize of $12,500. A voting academy of IMNZ members, musicians, and music industry personnel voted to produce the shortlisted finalist albums. A panel comprising musicians, journalists, and music industry professionals subsequently debates the shortlisted albums to decide the winner.

The 10 albums in contention for the 2022 Taite Music Prize notably include eight from solo artists. They  are:

  • Anthonie Tonnon – ‘Leave Love Out Of This’ 
  • Dianne Swann – ‘The War On Peace of Mind’
  • French For Rabbits – ‘The Overflow’ 
  • Lips – ‘I Don’t Know Why I Do Anything’ 
  • Luke Buda – ‘Buda’ 
  • Reb Fountain – ‘Iris’ 
  • Sheep, Dog & Wolf – Two-Minds
  • Team Dynamite – ‘Respect The Process’ 
  • Troy Kingi – ‘Black Sea Golden Ladder’
  • Vera Ellen – ‘It’s Your Birthday’ 

Also album-based, the Auckland Live Best Independent Debut Award celebrates fresh talent, with the winner receiving a $2000 cash prize.  The three artists/albums nominated are: 

  • Adelaide Cara – ‘How Does This Sound?’
  • Jazmine Mary – ‘The Licking of a Tangerine’
  • Proteins of Magic – ‘Proteins of Magic’