Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Wukong The Monkey King: Wukong

Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Wukong The Monkey King: Wukong

Opening with a blast of energy, eclectic sounds and a beat that undeniably screams ‘funk’, Wukong The Monkey King’s almost self-titled album wastes no time easing into their sound; it’s proudly on show from the outset.

Jordan Neal is on drums, Kyle Ranudo plays bass, James Smith and Colin Shaw add guitar, with Bryan Arriola on keys and Wade Wu providing vocals.

There’s even some groovy sax and trumpet played – evidently a collection of talented musicians.

‘Wukong’ was recorded and mixed by Yang Haisong and mastered by Morgan Allen.

Singing in both Chinese and English, Wukong The Monkey King maintain a sense of cultural authenticity while bringing a little snazz to the Auckland music scene.

Their fusion of alternative and psychedelic genres is something you won’t have heard often before. The music is crafted to allow each artist to display the skill and finesse each has with their respective instruments.

My personal favourite, Become Yourself, has a slower rhythm and quirky vibe with some great instrumentals where you can lose yourself to what seems like another dimension.

Other tracks like Cosmic Run that are sung in Chinese and have faster rhythm give a wild, exciting atmosphere to go crazy with.

Overall ‘Wukong’ proves a style and culture feast, a unique sound that is the essence of New Zealand’s diversity.