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Reviewed by Sophie Mashlan

Ciaran McMeeken: Self-titled

Reviewed by Sophie Mashlan

Ciaran McMeeken: Self-titled

Laced with energetic pop tracks, Ciaran McMeeken ’s self-titled debut album provides plentiful variety among its 12 tunes – from upbeat songs with catchy hooks (That Feeling, Which Way Shall We Go) to tracks with softer, more intimate tones, such as Spanish Steps.

Each is infused with warm summery undertones and McMeeken’s perfect pop voice. Production is crisp, the instrumentation neatly tailored to each song, a bright guitar tone providing consistency.

The occasional introduction of strings and brass in some of the songs is unexpected and helps provide differentiation.

This album has seen the influence of many places, including the Modern World Studios in England where the brass and strings were recorded. Otherwise recorded at Roundhead with Nick Poortman engineering, it was produced by Greg Haver.

The album is full of songs with a polished commercial appeal, songs illustrating McMeeken’s ability to write melodies that flow effortlessly between different sections and a matching radio-friendly vocal range.

His voice has an engaging natural intimacy that is well-matched by the meaningful personal stories he relates in song.

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