Reviewed by Felix Mpunga

Theia: Self-titled EP

Reviewed by Felix Mpunga

Theia: Self-titled EP

Christchurch born songstress Theia flexes her pop prowess with help from star local producer Josh Fountain on five out of six tracks here.

Produced by Australian songwriter and producer Alex Hope, Silver Second is backed by an off-kilter beat and a synth that feels borrowed from Bad Blood by Nao.

Theia’s ethereal vocals float above the mix as she chases the high life. “Don’t want your silver second my crown’s up, I’m destined all I see is gold and I run, run…”

Treat You has all the makings of a summer anthem, paired with a catchy chorus, tropical house synth and an infectious 4/4 beat.

Champagne Supernova enters like a dreamscape moving slowly, whilst echoing vocal chops fill the background as subtle 808s glide up and down underneath a bright organ.

The production on Everything flirts with pop, hip hop, trap, electronica and tropical house as Theia sings of heartbreak with the lyrics “…everything I do, my one regret is you.”

Her breakout single Roam is a familiar earworm of a track that has accrued over 11 million streams on Spotify.

This debut EP is seamless from track to track, despite melding together a range of genres – the electric guitar on final track Forever taps into the psychedelia of the bridge on Frank Ocean’s Nikes and evokes a feeling of never wanting something to end.

By successfully marrying various genres Theia displays a versatility that warrants her rep as one of the country’s fastest rising artists.