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Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Selon Recliner: Stories Of Later EP

Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Selon Recliner: Stories Of Later EP

Eleven years on from their quality debut, ‘Rest Room’, Auckland-centred Selon Recliner ’s third release is a five-track EP.

With Guy Wishart and Roy Godwin on guitar, Vernon Rive on bass, Michael Te Young playing the drums, on guitar, Belinda Bradley and Darlene Te Young on vocals, and Perry Bradley doing sounds, the band are a strong collaboration of experienced musicians and friends.

The EP follows nicely on from their 2009 second album ‘Orchid Door’ with a developing mystique and similar noir feel.

Their version of alt-pop is brooding and mostly lyrically dark, built with many layers and a variety of sounds, creating a luxuriously rich, enveloping texture.

With some minor twists and quirky, tense harmonies scattered around each carefully crafted piece, the album maintains a moody feel of lost and wasted love throughout.

Opening track Come On Rain is a delicate piece with Bradley’s sultry vocals giving the song a pensive, sensual mood. Wharf Report and Sun And Moon give the band’s quality instrumentalists a little more spotlight.

‘Stories Of Later’ is another fine collection of their art, the musicians fusing together their individual talents to create more captivating new music.