Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Neil Finn: Out Of Silence

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Neil Finn: Out Of Silence

It was hard not to miss Neil Finn working up and recording ‘Out Of Silence’ in August.

A project to try out new material and then record it over four Friday night sessions with a chorus of friends plus orchestra was streamed online, featuring a mix of older, crowd-pleasing material and newer songs that ended up on the album.

Those new songs don’t disappoint. Chameleon Days is deceptively breezy musically, while the plaintive and impressionistic Alone is a much-missed opportunity to hear both Finn brothers sing together.

Make no mistake, there are shadows here in the minor keys and dark themes.

Terrorise Me is a personal response to the Paris Bataclan attacks while Widow’s Peak talks of war.

I Know Different paints a picture of troubles in a long-time relationship.

‘Out of Silence’ is an album that is mostly ruminative and rhythmically still, although the rhythm-section-led Second Nature is a pop gem that combines a backbeat, an orchestra and a groove.

Finn engaged a cast of talented NZ musicians to work with on his record, from Victoria Kelly’s elegant orchestral arrangements, and the understated performance by the Infinity Orchestra to the chorus.

A roll call of local musical talent including names like Don McGlashan and Amelia Murray (Fazerdaze).

Neil Finn has always been a gifted melodicist and arranger, and the material on ‘Out Of Silence’ is some of his most resonant and eloquent.