Reviewed by Katherine Parsons

Beachware: Twin Coast Disc Drive EP

Reviewed by Katherine Parsons

Beachware: Twin Coast Disc Drive EP

With an indie pop, surf-rock sound, this first EP from Auckland band Beachware is refreshing, fun and engaging.

Self-recorded, the five tracks on ‘Twin Coast Disc Drive’ were mixed by Shannon Fowler (aka Tom Lark) and mastered by Djeisan Suskov of Leisure.

The band is RJ Hartnell on vocals and guitar, Phoenix Guava (Quinn the Human) on bass, James McDonald guitar, Alexandra Selkirk-Hanna (formerly of electronic duo Nuo) playing keys, and drummer Kris Raven – who is also part of rock band Coridian.

From the first track, their indie surf pop sound is uplifting and joyful, the whole EP a truly danceable collection of songs.

There is a feel similar to that of The Eversons, but with more of an incline towards a surf-beach vibe. Beachware’s rich, crafted melodies paired with honest and poignant lyrics, help the songs to capture and keep attention until the very end.

Listen out for little Easter-eggs such as a nod to ‘80s synth sounds, amusing conversation-like vocals and headbanging instrumental breakdowns.

With catchy instrumental hooks, bold composition direction and high energy throughout, there’s never a dull moment. An absolutely excellent beginning for Beachware.

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