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Reviewed by Briar Lawry

Lunavela: Lunavela EP

Reviewed by Briar Lawry

Lunavela: Lunavela EP

Lunavela is a solo project from Steve Mathieson, of Collapsing Cities’ renown, and the self-titled debut EP from this part of his musical world is a dreamy slice of shoegaze, dance electro-pop.

Music to dance to – slowly then faster, self-consciously then with abandon. Mathieson clearly knows what he’s doing, the production is slick, lyrics well-constructed. A significant thread runs between the songs to keep things cohesive, while each still has enough of its own personality.

EP opener Chequered Past kicks off with pumping percussion. There’s something of an Editors vibe to the intro sound before things swell and open into the chorus that wobbles between joy and melancholy, a specialty of Mathieson’s vaguely bored vocal style. That major/minor, happiness/sadness balance board is a recurring motif.

Second track British Amelia (released as a single in mid-2016) combines bright sounds with undercurrents of something a little bleaker. Even though there’s more of a storytelling touch to the lyrics of the track it’s still something to bop to.

Richly synth textured and more gently paced, the charmingly named I Think You’re Great has heavily filtered vocals accompanied by spangly starry sounds that make it the dreamiest of the dream pop on offer, despite the off-kilter rhythms.

With Burn For You the EP comes to an end – a little more rock influence peeking in to provide further variety in sound. It’s peppier than other tracks, and less explicitly fuelled by electronica sounds.

All in all ‘Lunavela’ is a great promo for Mathieson as a solo unit.