Reviewed by Charlotte Crone

Meech Brothers: Brown Owl EP

Reviewed by Charlotte Crone

Meech Brothers: Brown Owl EP

Wellington’s Meech Brothers sound to me a bit like a folky version of the Eels.

Long, meandering tracks with simple harmonies, melodies and satisfying combinations of textures in the choice of instruments – from twangy electric guitar and boppy synths to lush vocal layers, percussion and hushed drum machine.

You can definitely relax to this EP, even with a melancholy calling in some of the lyrics such as first track Edge Of The Earth and Let Me In.

The Meech Brothers are a self-described DIY indie folk duo, and play most of the instruments on the album.

Clint Meech sings and plays keyboards, a couple of fragile trumpet lines and drum machine while Gareth Meech handles the guitars, percussion and also sings.

There’s nothing too ear-grabbing, flashy or showy here, but then that doesn’t seem to be what ‘Brown Owl’ is meant to achieve.

This is more something pleasant to leave bubbling away in the background.