Reviewed by Pedro Santos

The Imposters: Doomsday Anthems EP

Reviewed by Pedro Santos

The Imposters: Doomsday Anthems EP

The title makes this 4-track EP sound more than a little dark, but that’s not the case – rather it’s intelligent indie pop/rock that could very possibly fire at AC radio – if The Imposters were already known.

Perhaps that’s part of the ironic intent of the name, also explained as stemming from singer Zoe-Eve Coetser and Marc Royal, her partner in this Christchurch duo, both being active in different bands when they kicked off together.

South African-born Coetser has a strong and confident voice that holds appeal from breathy whisper right through to full rock chick-yell.

Rock guitarist Royal is a well-known figure across many parts of the Christchurch music scene, as a musician most lately with The Easy Hearts.

Self-produced and recorded at The Lab in Auckland, this sounds much more like a full band (including keys courtesy of Coetser) working behind a great vocalist.

Dave Sutherland is their regular drummer, while Jol Mulholland provided bass in the studio.

Alt-pop may be the goal, but ‘Doomsday Anthems’ sounds much better up loud, as great rock songs always do.