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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Missy: Strange EP

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Missy: Strange EP

Missy (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist and producer Abigail Knudson) has been creating intricate and layered songs of late, compiling this seven-track EP, to showcase them.

With shades of Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish and Lorde in her sound and style, ‘Strange’ pulls out all the stops with sampling and production, but in some cases, the lyrics are hard to decipher, as the sounds around them mask their message and meaning.

‘Strange’ is an immersive aural experience, with soundscapes that veer more darker than lighter, which suits the material well.

She’s always paid attention to aural creativity but the polished and highly detailed production style suggest there is a definite aim of international exposure and attention with this EP. The songs are affecting and confronting, with themes of violence, and alienation.

The title track, Strange, is a celebration of being the outsider, and not fitting in. The production is dynamic, with some effective vocal and instrument manipulation, but Knudson’s vocals are excellent when left untreated, as they are in parts on the emotive Monster.

With so much added detail, it would be interesting to hear the songs stripped back to their bare bones to see if they are as effective. Knudson is a talented producer, vocalist and melodicist, and ‘Strange’ is a great showcase of her considerable abilities and skills.

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