Reviewed by Ben Ruegg

Charlotte Yates: Then The Stars Start Singing

Reviewed by Ben Ruegg

Charlotte Yates: Then The Stars Start Singing

From the outset, the measured vocals are upfront, clear and engaging in this latest release from Charlotte Yates.

The acoustic accompaniment swings between major and minor, giving a beautiful, delicate canvas over which Yates is able to present her thoughtful lyrics.

By the end of Hold Your Horses, we have been treated to a spacious sound that brings the track to a new level sonically.

Yates demonstrates her skill as a singer/songwriter in each of the 12 songs.

The album has been expertly produced by the artist in conjunction with Gil Eva Craig, each song showing a wonderful balance of cleverly crafted song arrangement with appropriate instrumentation, that doesn’t distract the listener from the voice and story of the song.

January is a standout, set up with a catchy hook that you’ll catch yourself humming long after the track stops. Once the chorus hits you can’t help but want to sing along.

Yates again demonstrates a natural ability to craft lyrics together to tell stories, while keeping the song strong and catchy.

Gently paced, this album begs for a leisurely afternoon listen while sharing a bottle of your favourite beverage with friends or family. 

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