Reviewed by Anzel Singh

Grawlixes: Set Free

Reviewed by Anzel Singh

Grawlixes: Set Free

Grawlixes, a Wellington indie-pop-folk duo consisting of Robin Cederman and Penelope Esplin, bring forth this debut album through Home Alone Music.

Developed in a spare room converted into a studio, ‘Set Free’ showcases their evident chops, the duo self-producing and engineering the album.

Tex Houston was brought in to mix and master the 11 tracks of eerie storytelling that only broken relationships and not being invited to parties can inspire.

Title song Set Free kicks it off with lullaby-meets-coming of age vibes.

Good Shadow fits the mood of a running away anthem, further personified by the boy-girl harmonies of star-crossed lovers, revealing anecdotes of love that didn’t last, through a friendship that remains.

Organic guitar and mellow tones persist throughout, ranging from faster mid-tempo in the first half of the album, to slower in the second.

Darling involves Esplin’s signature accordion playing accompanied by shakers and psychedelic sound effects, while I’ll Get Dressed Up For You showcases Cederman’s distinguishable, otherworldly vocals.

Magnolias and A Fine Rain feature violin by Dunedin’s Alex Vaatstra.

The album closes with The World Spins Faster an ethereal, almost nordic sounding folk tune, and I’m Moving In, a soothing and dreamy creation.

Available From: Southbound Distribution