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Reviewed by Cassandra King

Thee Rum Coves: Out Tonight EP

Reviewed by Cassandra King

Thee Rum Coves: Out Tonight EP

Emerging from the production studio of Eddie Castelow, the energy of Thee Rum Coves comes through strong on their latest EP.

With an undeniable pull, we are hauled straight into the classic punk-groove Thee Rum Coves’ vibe with Behind Your Smile, continuing into the title track, Out Tonight.

The hook is introduced with Tom Marin’s gritty guitar and complemented with the warm bass that Jimmy Christmas effortlessly drives the song, and the entire EP, with.

The attack that Treye Liu plays the drums with provides the punch that allows frontman Jake Harding‘s punk-esque vocals to sit with the rock’n’soul sound that Thee Rums Coves execute whole-heartedly.

The impact of the EP’s visual presentation is also equally as intense; a dark feline with fiercely glowing eyes brought to life by illustrator Ricardo Salamanca.

‘Out Tonight’ is a well composed EP, orderly but necessarily raw to truly execute that genuine zeal Thee Rum Coves have for their songs. It’s a sound that is easy to enjoy.

Available From: Bandcamp