Reviewed by Megan Gnad

Hobnail: Blue Sky Songs

Reviewed by Megan Gnad

Hobnail: Blue Sky Songs

With more than 20 years and a range of albums already under their belt, Wellington four-piece Hobnail continue to inspire each other and make country-folk music they love.

Their recently-released ‘Blue Sky Songs’ is a toe-tapping collection of tunes, infused with a touch of Celtic flair. Energetic and spirited, the album’s music lends itself to being enjoyed live in the great outdoors, surrounded by friends.

Switching from the tender, The Angel’s Share, to the faster-paced Elbow (The Driving Song), Hobnail’s style varies within the folk style they clearly know well.

Jo Moir‘s sweeping fiddle opens Blue Sky Song, a heartfelt number that carries the instrument with it throughout.

Good Luck Charm offers harmonies that showcase unusual vocal skills and lilts and quickly builds to a rockier sound, outlining a captivating track.

The album then slows down for Lions In The Sand, a song that sits well beside the classic melodic track, Good And Ready.

With four talented vocalists and instrumentalists, Rob Joass, Jo Moir, Caroline Easther and Hamish Graham, at the forefront, each member takes the lead at various points, delivering a style and sound that changes ever so slightly between tracks. 

A strong message is also conveyed, tying their seventh album together with a joyful free-spirited energy.

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