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Reviewed by Erica McQueen

April Fish: An Alien Invaded The Circus

Reviewed by Erica McQueen

April Fish: An Alien Invaded The Circus

April Fish sounds exactly like ‘An Alien Invaded the Circus’, the title of their latest album. At its core is multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Katie Morton, accompanied by Warr guitarist John Costa.

The Warr guitar is a tactile instrument that allows him to play bass and melodic strings on a single fretboard.

Self-recorded, the album was mixed by Vince Welch and mastered by Randy Roos at Squam Sound in the States. 

First song Silver Or Sulfur introduces Morton’s haunting vocals, overlying a piano-driven melody. Carrot & Stick goes back to the piano-led songs, but morphs into a bass and percussions led track. By the eighth track, Love Let Fly, it’s clear that crafting a story through lyrics, is just as important as the layers of sound. 

The Main Attraction is a highlight, as April Fish are joined by their wider project The Klaus Vermillion Quartet. To quote the band, it’s a “bizarre psychological experiment”, beginning with a circus-like voice over. The listener is transported into the soundscapes of the album, where the “aliens” come to life. Playful ukulele and kazoo join more conventional instruments like the double bass, and multiple harmonies are present throughout the album. 

Each song ebbs and flows as the duo push for a full band sound, but give breathing space. No time signature, harmony, or production tweak has been overlooked. 

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