Turn Your Passion For Music Into A Career Without The Hefty Price Tag

Turn Your Passion For Music Into A Career Without The Hefty Price Tag

Many that want to pursue music as a career look to educational institutes for music qualification options, but the cost to study per year can be daunting. Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) has given some students back hope as the Music programmes they offer are the only ones in New Zealand that are tuition-free.

Pursuing a music qualification has become practical for those that venture to study in New Zealand’s southern-most polytechnic, in Invercargill. Small class sizes, one-on-one lessons to develop their major instrument and weekly performance opportunities allow music students to sharpen their skills and develop their stage presence.

“The most enjoyable thing for me would probably have to be the amount of time we got to spend performing live and playing with other people. Learning an instrument is one thing, but learning to play it musically with other people is a whole different thing and I enjoyed how the course factored this in.” – Daniel Sugrue (Tomorrow People), SIT Music graduate.

SIT music students have access to high-quality instruments, equipment, two performance theatres and they are also encouraged to collaborate with audio production students to record using world-class recording equipment and studios at SIT Sound.

“Recording an album comes with learning a bit of audio, which as a musician, is really good to know so you understand both the music and audio world – how the set-up works, the stage and that kind of thing.” – Joanna Buchanan (Singer-songwriter), SIT Music graduate.

sitSome students take up the opportunity to complete a double degree in the Bachelor of Audio Production and Bachelor of Contemporary Music after four years’ full-time study. Graduates from this pathway of study are well-rounded musicians and sound engineers. They are well versed in high-quality studio recording and live sound work, and they have the skills to pursue a career as performers, composers, or specialised instrumental teachers.

With industry-experienced and passionate tutors, SIT’s music programmes offer a more hands-on and practical way to learn that will ensure students are highly skilled and prepared for the wide range of career choices in music.

Music programmes available at SIT:

SIT is renowned for its Zero Fees Scheme, which allows New Zealand domestic students to study tuition free and only pay the direct material costs for their programme. The SIT Zero Fees Scheme (ZFS) is subject to NZ government policies.