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Work Towards A Career In Music With SIT

Work Towards A Career In Music With SIT

When it comes to music and audio production, the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) have you covered. They offer a wide range of contemporary music courses and audio production qualifications, with students able to undertake weekly performances, organised tours and concerts and enjoy one-on-one lessons and performance workshops.

Students also have access to world-class recording equipment and recording studios at SIT Sound, and collaboration between both music and audio production students provides future business networks, and of course great friendships!

Audio Production degree graduate, Anthony Scadden is now a Production Manager, a position he attests to his SIT qualification.

“I chose SIT Audio as I was told that it had the best tutors and facilities out of any audio production course in Aotearoa.”

Having no prior expectations of the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), Anthony says the course was brilliant. He enjoyed the hands-on learning, mixed with the technical knowledge of all the tutors.

“And the Byron Bay experience goes without saying! It was a great way to engage in a larger scale, semi-professional working environment. All the knowledge I had learned prior to going over was put to good use, and expanded upon greatly, without being too overwhelming.”

Studying at SIT gave Anthony a more analytical mindset, he says.

“Learning proper research methods and essay writing has greatly improved the way I view self-learning things for my career nowadays. I feel it made me understand more fully, mathematical and scientific concepts that I had struggled to grasp in high school.”

Anthony made some really close friends that he has kept in touch with through the close bonds the Bachelor of Audio Production has with the Bachelor of Contemporary music. He also praises the excellent support network that was provided by tutors and peers.

“I never felt like I was on my own, as my tutors were incredibly receptive to any questions I might have had.’’

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