By Russell Baillie


Images by Christian Tjandrawinata

by Russell Baillie


The first New Zealand Music Producer Series has wrapped at Roundhead Studios, possibly setting a local record for the ratio of musicians to supporting studio team for any Kiwi recording session.

Four-piece Auckland band Racing were the musical guinea pigs for the five-day series helmed by experienced British duo of producer Guy Massey and producer-engineer Dave Eringa.

They and organiser Greg Haver led 17 local producer-engineers through the full week of sessions with another 60 or so attending evening seminars.

Racing guitarist Sven Pettersen says having such a crowded house was “surreal and strange”.

“Strange as it was having the session being a class as well, everybody that was there brought all this different energy, perspective and analysis which in itself was inspiring and the tracks got a life of their own.”

“Working with Dave and Guy was brilliant, you could just see their massive rolodex of recording knowledge which, in turn, gives them such a confidence in their instincts.

“It all happened pretty seamlessly despite the unique situation.

“The track that we finished sounds brilliant and we can’t wait to show it everyone.”

“The opportunity to work with Dave and Guy certainly couldn’t be passed up given that we were such fans of their work without even knowing that they’d done it.”

Haver is planning another NZ producer series in October with another team of guest producer-engineers.

NZ Musician sent Russell Baillie along to talk with Dave and Guy about their careers, the state of contemporary recording, the secret of a good mix, what exactly remastering is, and handy advice to those just starting out.

London-based producer Dave Eringa has enjoyed a long relationship with the Manic Street Preachers as engineer, producer and musician. His work with the band includes albums ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’, ‘Know Your Enemy’ and Postcards from A Young Man’.

His other credits include The Who, Roger Daltrey, Idlewild, Nine Black Alps, Ash, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, Wilko Johnson and Ocean Colour Scene.

Engineer-producer Guy Massey is a Grammy winner for this work on remastering The Beatles’ back catalogue is studio credits include work with Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, Ed Sheeran, Van Morrison, Bill Fay and Paul Simon, Spritualized, The Divine Comedy, along with up-and-coming artists such as Eliza and the Bear and The Soft Hills.