October 2019 New Music Singles Funding Outcomes

October 2019 New Music Singles Funding Outcomes

NZ On Air Musics October 2019 New Music Singles funding outcomes were revealed today.

Out of 172 applications, 25 songs made it through thanks to the good ears of the panel which was made up of Niu FM‘s Lui Vilisoni, Felix Carr of Radio Control, NZOA‘s Jeff Newton, Audioculture‘s Renee Jones, Shawn Cleaner of George FM and Savina Kim of Auckland Live.


The next New Music Singles funding round closes on the November 14 and you can apply here

nzoa new music singles funding panel ctober 2019

We’d also like to give our long-running collaboration with NZOA, the ‘New Tracks New Artist’ feature a plug, which is based on NZOA’s monthly NewTracks compilation. If you enjoy it, there’s good news, because it has now been converted into a playlist! Find it here, and conveniently embedded below.

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