NZ Music Month 2022 Wants To Level You Up

NZ Music Month 2022 Wants To Level You Up

The team behind NZ Music Month 2022 has announced the theme for this May is to ‘Level Up’ as an artist.

The theme is meant to encourage all members of the NZ music industry to be proactive and help raise awareness of new emerging artists in supporting them to the next level of their musical career, or to ‘cross-over’ to become part of wider public consciousness.

The theme is relatable to artists at any stage in their career looking for that next step to move them onto the next level. It’s about finding fun ways for Aotearoa to be a part of the conversation and is a chance for our more established artists to champion their favourite emerging acts. This could be as simple as sharing a social media post profiling an up-and-coming artist, or even collaborating to give a profile new talent.

From an industry perspective, it’s about shining a light even brighter on our local acts and doing your part to work closer with artists to reach a wider audience. If you would like access to assets for any NZ Music Month event or activities contact the NZ Music Commission‘s Rodney Fisher with as much info you can provide.