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NZOA Funding For Producers Announced

NZOA Funding For Producers Announced

NZ On Air has announced a new funding initiative designed to support the development of new songs from emerging artists in collaboration with Aotearoa’s music producers. The New Music Development initiative has been made possible by additional NZ On Air Music funding for the next two years from the Government’s recent Arts Recovery Package.

Funding will be provided to subsidise the costs of production, songwriting and studio time to craft new songs and bodies of work. Experienced local music producers will have the chance to collaborate, produce, co-write and record new music repertoire from promising emerging artists. 

‘The New Music Development funding scheme has been inspired by the excellent collaborative songwriting and production workshops from the last five years of the SongHubs and Music Producers Series and seeing the exceptional results these events have been able to create. Beginning in October NZ On Air will be putting in place regular rounds of New Music Development grants. ’

The new scheme has been devised through extensive industry consultation from experienced NZ-based international music producer Greg Haver who has been working on the new scheme since July.

“The development of new artists and the support of music producers is vital to the long term goal of creating a strong and vibrant music industry here in Aotearoa. NZ On Air, along with all sectors of the NZ music industry, has been hugely supportive in the enabling of up-skilling programmes in both songwriting and production. The New Music Development programme is the next stage in assisting the country’s innovative and talented producers to mentor and unlock the potential of emerging artists”.

The first round of New Music Development opens on October 1 and will take applications from experienced producers intending to work with emerging New Zealand artists to develop a body work, delivering a minimum of three finished song demos.

Grants up to $10,000 (+GST) are available for each development project.

NZ On Air’s Head of Music David Ridler says, “A good amount of time spent in songwriting and development is an essential ingredient to the creation of memorable contemporary popular songs. Great songs rarely just happen… they are carefully crafted and honed, and increasingly in the New Zealand music scene collaboration is a key ingredient.”

Guidelines for the October round can be found here. A FAQ on the New Music Development scheme can be found here.

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