Inaugural Reo Māori Songhubs Participants Announced

Inaugural Reo Māori Songhubs Participants Announced

APRA have announced the producers and songwriters who will be taking part in the new Reo Māori SongHubs 2020 programme.

The collaborative songwriting wānanga, will bring together experts in music creation and waiata reo Māori to further the development of a bi-lingual music industry. 

The curator of the program is superstar/producer/collaborator Joel Little, while pre-eminent mātanga reo/language specialist and songwriter Sir Tīmoti Kāretu is the reo curator. Five other mātanga reo/songwriters Jeremy Tātere MacLeod, Leon Te Heketū Blake, Pētera Hakiwai, Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes, and Ruth Smith will guide and assist with the sessions.

Songwriters | Kaitito Puoro

Producers | Kaihautū Puoro

  • Brandon Haru
  • Rory Noble
  • Liam Conrad aka Stuss
  • Te Whiti Warbrick aka SickDrumz
  • Sam Taylor
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