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by Silke Hartung

Happy Music Month 2016

by Silke Hartung

Happy Music Month 2016

Happy Music Month 2016!

As every year New Zealand will be celebrating local music countrywide, which means special events in venues, schools, libraries, parks and in the media.

According to the NZ Music Commission there’ll be over 800 events around the country that are currently listed in their dedicated Music Month gig guide.

For anyone keen to take their knowledge on everything music industry related to the next level, the Music Month Summit will take place in Auckland towards the end of the month, offering seminars on different subjects interesting for musicians and music managers.

NZ Music Commission Chief Executive Cath Andersen says “New Zealand music continues to excel locally and internationally. Once again we can celebrate the musical talent that New Zealand has to offer. We hope that music fans all across New Zealand get out to support their local musicians this May.”

“Happy music month! Or ‘month’ as some of us cynical musicians call it. Make sure you get out and support a local artist at a show, buy a CD, and crank locally cultivated tunes on the car stereo on your way to work.” – JP Carroll, Armed In Advance

If you’re free on May 21, NZ Musician and the Music Commission present Auckland’s Own at Galatos, which includes a fantastic line up of local talent of all genres that have previously graced the pages of the print issue of NZ Musician. Playing live will be among others Sal Valentine & the Babyshakes, Strangely Arousing, Night Gaunts, Ha the Unclear, Esther Stephens & the Means and Bailey Wiley. Get your tickets here.

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