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Arts Foundation’s New Springboard Mentorship Programme

Arts Foundation’s New Springboard Mentorship Programme

Springboard, a new programme for the Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi, aims to kickstart arts careers for up to 10 Aotearoa artists every year.

Recipients will be granted $15,000, alongside a partnership with a senior artist mentor from the alumni of Arts Foundation laureates, Icons, New Generation, residency or Fellowship recipients. In 2020 there will be six Springboard packages offered, with first-round nominations closing on December 20.

Mentors are remunerated and an additional $5,000 is dedicated toward running the selection process, travel expenses for mentor partnerships and promotion / documentation of the partnership to show impact.

The selection process will focus on awarding creatives with outstanding potential who want to start careers in a variety of arts disciplines. The financial, mentoring and resource support system will be designed to have a significant impact on their growth and development as artists – giving them a lift of confidence to start a career.

More info and nomination forms can be found here.