Adam Audio Soundtrack Competition 2017

Adam Audio Soundtrack Competition 2017

For the third time, Adam Audio is hosting the Soundtrack Competition. New prizes, a new judge and a new picture to create a soundtrack for.

What Is The Soundtrack Competition About?

ADAM Audio is giving away a pair of custom-made special edition ADAM A8X studio monitors in racing red as the Grand Prize in this competition. Only one pair of these special edition monitors will be made worldwide.

Other contestants will have the opportunity to win a number of other prizes including a pair of ADAM A5X studio monitors (second place prize) and a pair of ADAM A3X speakers (third place prize).

What Do You Have To Do To Enter The Soundtrack Competition?

  • Compose a short soundtrack (max. 30 seconds!) for the picture below.
  • Upload your finished soundtrack on your own Soundcloud or YouTube account (if you don’t have one, do not worry, it is free and easy to set up!). The title of your song must include #adamaudio and #soundtrack.
  • Complete the form linked below to officially enter the competition. 

The deadline is November 21, and there’s more info (including entry form and T&Cs) here.

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