Upgrade for Screen Composers Guild

Upgrade for Screen Composers Guild

The organisation previously known as the Screen Composers Guild has recently re-launched as the more inclusive Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand.

The upgraded organisation now represents screen composers and (newly added) sound post-production creatives – including sound designers, foley artists, sound recordists, editors and mixers – throughout Aotearoa.

The Guild is a forum for composers and sound post creatives to connect, share ideas and knowledge and to promote and grow the sector; to help build sustainable careers in music and sound in NZ and beyond.

Following the signing and witnessing of the documents required to establish the new guild, those attending the special meeting spent time discussing what they felt were the most important topics of concern, those that needed remedies to ensure the health and growth of the SMSG community.

Topping the discussion by far was a call to end the 55 hour-plus work week and unhealthy sudden work/time pressure situations. It was recommended the NZFC create workflow guidelines and that they become mandatory in the workplace.

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