Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Various: While The Swamp Rocks

Reviewed by Louisa Nicklin

Various: While The Swamp Rocks

Compilation album ‘ While The Swamp Rocks ’ impressively showcases 19 Palmerston North bands.

The album is fast paced as it takes the listener on a tour of Palmy’s current metal and rock scene.

Slave Collective is a group of musicians who work together to promote their music through recordings, gigs, and their website

This album doesn’t stop surprising as there is huge variety, giving a very broad view of the rock and metal scene in Palmy.

Daniel Ashcroft’s vocals in Rise Of The Doom Bringer has the sound of something vaguely theatrical while the vocals in Rinst’s Devil In The Detail are clearer and more directly emotive.

Even more diversity is present in the jangly ‘70s vibe of Boogaloo by the Bing Turkby Ensemble.

Polaroids Of Polarbears put you in a lo-fi rock trance with their track Brown Boxes, before the lead guitar in Dogswamps’s Rock n’ Roll (Is All I Got Left) alludes to ‘70s psychedelia.

Tying off the album is the short and sweet Indica from terror-metal group Kavort, a final glimpse into the diversity and flair of Palmy’s music scene.