Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Tom Lee-Richards: Out Of The Oddness

Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Tom Lee-Richards: Out Of The Oddness

You may at times hear a click or beep, or something that sounds a little different. Then it comes bursting out, and Tom Lee-Richards ’ beat boxing and other mouth noises become the music.

‘Out Of The Oddness’ is the Melbourne-based Kiwi artist’s debut (mini) album, seven tracks of entertaining experimental folky pop.

Along with the help of several other musicians the album was produced by Pip Edwards. When some people sing they deliver more than just a note or a word, their voices carry something extra. Lee-Richards’ melodious vocals have that feeling, they are thick with personable emotion and a wordly gravitas.

Even in the lighter pieces of the album, like The Wearing Kind, there is a certain depth he brings that makes this music special. Beat boxing and mouth percussion are the highlights.

A Little More is a flurry of his skills in that department, but mostly he incorporates them cleverly and they present themselves with finesse.

As Far As India is an assortment of different noises that are built up into a layered texture, his singing voice soaring at times among the other instruments.

This beautiful assortment of songs is lively and energetic. Madness is smooth, soft and downbeat, providing a slower but suitably meaningful close to a very striking album.

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