Reviewed by Manuela Ovalle

Odsoul & Radram: Astro Gift EP

Reviewed by Manuela Ovalle

Odsoul & Radram: Astro Gift EP

‘Astro Gift’ is a collaboration EP by Queenstown musician Odsoul and Whangamata musician Radram. Their music provides a sense of floating through space, seeing everything at a distance and giving your mind the atmosphere to feel and think without interruption.

Smooth, reverb-heavy vocals flow like syrup over groovy beats. The sounds seamlessly balanced throughout the five tracks, each synth line, every percussion sound, falling perfectly to create this ambience.

First track Astro Gift begins with a minute-long multi-dimensional introduction that flows into a lyrical conversation where the vocal tells us that the music is a gift for us. ‘It’s something we made for you.’

Flickers follows with a more fragmented beat creating contrast to Astro Gift’s smooth feel. This beat resembles a heartbeat, connecting the music to pure elements of human life.

So We Do tells a story of love and loneliness, the relationship behind these lyrics peering through the lines more obviously than the preceding tracks.

The bright springy guitar lines in Practical Tundra give it a sense of summer, a song for a relaxed summer day.

Like It’s Over ends the EP on a high, maintaining the chill easygoing vibes but showing a new level of groove in the bass line.

‘Astro Gift’ achieves a very strong sense of continuity in terms of vibes throughout the five songs, maintaining interest with such new tonal colourings.