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Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Tidal Rave: Heart Screams

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Tidal Rave: Heart Screams

Wellington six-piece band Tidal Rave are the newest band on Dunedin’s Fishrider label. While not all members hail from the southern city (some have migrated north), they have acquired something of the jangle that Dunedin music is infamous for, but the band spin it with a harder edge, channelling garage and indie-rock through the nine songs on the shiny new album ‘Heart Screams’.

Tidal Rave have three vocalists and songwriters, and their diverse styles come through in a consistent sonic pattern, with spectral organ lines, chunky guitar riffs, propulsive, driving rhythms, and more than a touch a touch of melodicism.

With three vocalists, ‘Heart Screams’ has shifting vocal textures, from raw (Preacher’s Creatures) to lilting (Dark Wizard), but all slot together well in the consistent underlying sound. 

Thematically ‘Heart Screams’ takes personal and universal themes on life and its related anxieties, and album opener FOMO takes a familiar look at the very common human fear of missing out.

It’s not all wiry, compelling garage-rock on ‘Heart Screams’ – Can you do right (when you do wrong) is a hybrid country-garage number with a swinging melody that sways along nicely, while the title track has a visceral down-and-dirty classic rock vibe.

‘Heart Screams’ also sounds great too, with co-production, recording and mixing by Warwick Donald, and a vintage feel that places the album as one that could have come from an earlier time. More, please.


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