Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Mousey: Lemon Law

Reviewed by Amanda Mills

Mousey: Lemon Law

Every so often a new voice appears to capture the mood of a moment with a particular sound, or just an indefinable something about the music that appeals. Newcomer Mousey may be a contender for this role, with a debut album – ‘Lemon Law’ – that gracefully navigates the emotional states of love and life.

Mousey has a way with catchy, effervescent melodies that stick – one listen to Extreme High and With No You and it’s like they have been with you forever.

When the tone changes, as it does with the yearning Caveman, and the ethereal Dreamer, it’s done so deftly that attention is given to the interesting arrangements that build in intensity rather than any sudden change.

However, when change is clear, it’s almost devastating, as seen in Take Me To Harley Street, a ballad built around space and a wistful piano accompaniment that underscores the gloom of the lyrics.

The tone darkens and deepens with The Innocent Girl in the Blue Dress, immediately recalling Radiohead circa 1997, but changes again for Painting Of A Trench which surprises with a muted jazz/lounge vibe.

‘Lemon Law’ takes Mousey, and her audience, on an emotional and sonic journey, one starting in frothy emotional ebullience, moving through the dark night of the soul and a broken heart, before emerging shaken but resolutely moving forward.

Lemon Law’ is one accomplished debut record from a supremely talented artist and writer of superb songs, and has the making of a classic indie-pop album.

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