Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Seas Of Conflict: Vestige EP

Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Seas Of Conflict: Vestige EP

Hamilton five-piece metal unit Seas Of Conflict have dropped this debut release and with it delivered an inspired and thrilling collection of well-crafted prog metal.

As the quality of indie releases increases year upon year the bar keeps being raised, and Seas Of Conflict meet the challenge.

Vocalist Kody Naidoo paints a growling hard-core narrative over the intricate arrangements with convincing verve.

While ‘Vestige’ is a short six-tracks, the intensity of content and the temperance in which it is delivered is nothing but quality.

The polyrhythms and precise riffing of the title cut are matched by the perilous hostility maintained across all tracks.

Lightless delivers a new layer of detail upon each listen and the EP is packed with such aspects.

Shifting Sands dishes up a relentlessly energetic tempo. Tantalus, featuring guest vocalist Rev. Jared Ipsen, creates a new melodic layer which could easily characterise the band’s sound should they choose to take this path.

Seas Of Conflict have put their best foot forward with this debut EP, proving themselves a band to watch.

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