Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Rhomboid: Self-titled

Reviewed by Sam Vegar

Rhomboid: Self-titled

Inspired by the mind-shifting power of ‘60s psychedelic pop – fused with ‘90s alternative rock and the body-shifting power of funk – Rhomboid’s first album proves a cleverly crafted artwork.

Consisting of Ari Freeman on guitar and vocals, Oscar Green on drums and Mike Fudakowski on his self-designed 10-string bass, ‘Rhomboid’ acts as the ultimate human being-shifting musical substance.

Recorded solely by Freeman, the soul of the Christchurch-based band very much lies in the guitar which dominates all melodies and harmonies.

The music often does without vocals, allowing the guitar to carry you away instead – very successfully – with a lot of heavy drumming, deep vocals and strong bass that makes good use of the piano-like range of the 10-string instrument.

Eleventh Element carries the audience away in a loud and powerful collection of these elements, while tracks like MoMo also contain a softer ambience that uses a tamed down version of this magic, but develops into their well-recognisable sound to leave the album on, again, a powerful note.

Kracken is one smoother track of softer funk that showcases Freeman’s vocals and plentiful nifty guitar techniques, speaking more through the melody that’s allowed its freedom.

All in all, ‘Rhomboid’ is a funky collection of some not-so traditional funk music. There is a great collection of skill and craftsmanship on show.

Freeman has fused together many ideas to create this original, indeed magical, artwork with a genuine sound that portrays a lot of passion.

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