Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Infinity: Self-titled

Reviewed by Stu Edwards

Infinity: Self-titled

In the current music marketplace, the arrival of a new band’s album in the inbox with little detail is more commonplace than the traditional format of a CD and printed bio. Searching for information and background on a group can either be a somewhat tedious task or a hungry adventure. Infinity’s album ensured it was the latter. From the lengthy eleven-minute opening opus, the Hawkes Bay duo delivers progressive and engaging textures and melodies. 

The effect-laden guitars generate a soundbed for the mysterious entity that is Infinity to create on.

Recorded by Aaron Cash at Newsong Studio, uplifting funky grooves, tempo changes and multiple song sections are just some of the many varied features of the music. 

As the songs progress and weave their way through their many shades and moods you have to remind yourself it is instrumental music despite the lack of lyrics providing a storyline.

This is a successful and key attribute of the release as the melodies and song structures manage to command attention throughout their extended passages without tirelessly repeating themselves.  

Drummer Cameron Budge compliments and expands on the vast range of themes guitarist Pateriki Hura puts forward on each track.

From the jazz stylings of Caris’ Land to the quasi-Eastern vibe of Mentor Music, the album will keep you guessing to the last with what’s coming next. 

Heartily enjoyable and fresh sounding kiwi music.