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Reviewed by Anzel Singh

PT: Goliath

Reviewed by Anzel Singh

PT: Goliath

Crossing over into more electronic pop territory, Kiwi singer/producer Pieter T now establishing himself under the new moniker PT, dropped his third album ‘Goliath’ in May last 2018. Ten tracks, which were two and a half years in the making, showcase PT’s growth and what the artist self-states to be “gritty” with various dance components.

Setting the stage with I’m Ready, a track evoking mania with its rapid heartbeat-like undertones from the get-go. PT’s vocals over synths and chopped up electronic voices give away his R&B essence, hitting the ground running with a summer bop.

All I Want takes listeners to a space of romanticism like looking over at city lights with a significant other on a rooftop, utilizing repetition in the chorus of being honest and somebody being all you want as drums simultaneously allow the transition from the pre-chorus with a swift riff.

Heavenly backing vocals differentiate Signs from the rest of the pack sprinkling a dreamy component to the blocky chord progression.

The first collaboration, Moving On, with rapper B Wise involves rhythmic verses and emits futuristic computerised sound effects that could be described as sparkly.

Nobody Else (featuring I.Amsolo) involves a smooth and cool vibe that transforms a lot going on into extensive minimalism for the outro in a split second.

A stand-out track is R.O.D serving as one of the creations impacting audiences with its attention drawing production, and PT entering a higher register of his voice for the hook before bringing back the catchy beat and periodically singing two lines over them in the chorus.

Tropical house influences are evident in Used to Be as well as the closer, Trust, whereas the second to last track King slows down the record for a gospel anthem further reiterating PT’s belief in himself and his faith.

After reigniting his passion for creating again through the generation of ‘Goliath’, it seems PT has his sights on returning to the studio to ascertain the projects he has in mind comes to light.