Reviewed by Dee Muir

Oyawa: I Don’t Recall Ordering Ordinary

Reviewed by Dee Muir

Oyawa: I Don’t Recall Ordering Ordinary

If the title hasn’t already given it away, this album by Waiheke Island indie/alternative band, Oyawa, is heaving with attitude.

‘I Don’t Recall Ordering Ordinary’ is full of chaotic and rhythmic instrumentals combined with strong, defiant vocals that are every so often met by beautiful intervals of calm.

The nine-track album is one without boundaries and listening to it feels like you’ve ordered a live gig right to your speakers.

Nikki Ngatai (singer/guitarist), Miles Gillett (drums), and Brett Garrity (bass/bvs) kick things off with the gritty Digging Yourself Out Of A Hole, before rocking into the catchy and punchy tune of Bless Ya’ Little Pointed Head.

Ngatai’s sexy, staunch vocals deliver a solid kick to tracks, Chica, Name In Ink and Walking Walls, between them displaying an array of vocal styles.

Oyawa’s extended instrumental jam sessions in Sit And Wait and Yes, We’re Keeping Her, are of pure rock-out quality. The only advice here is that you lock the volume on loud.

Dead Flowers is a definite album highlight, Ngatai and Garrity do well to bring their characters to life, giving an element of intensity to a deceptively beautiful track.

‘I Don’t Recall Ordering Ordinary’ is a welcome follow up to their 2015 EP, ‘Won’t Even Try To Scale It’, pleasing to see Oyawa with another release under their belt. 

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