Reviewed by Jorge Longings

Dual: Self-titled EP

Reviewed by Jorge Longings

Dual: Self-titled EP

Auckland’s psyche-dance duo Dual make a crashing electric debut with this self-titled EP. Currently signed to local indie Banished Music they recorded it in bedrooms and garages with the majority of mixing done by SAE’s Marcel Bellvé.

Dual takes you on a psychedelic surf trip with dance fever-inducing bass grooves, paired to blitzing disco drums, layered with aggressive rock guitar leads while being bathed in a warm electronic waterfall of synth and electronic sounds.


Jamie Pyne and Maurice Miller, also part of the psych-rock band Narwhal, lead things off with Ricochet which straight away makes your feet move.

As the EP progresses Dual truly earn their psychedelic-dance genre tag. It includes an itinerary that takes you partying all night, eventually falling into a trippy-relaxed walk through the shores of a setting kaleidoscopic beach and finally letting you crash onto the bed of a rock ‘n’ roll electronic landscape.

What really makes them stand out is their ability to blur the line between their tight, fast-paced rhythmic driven elements, while effortlessly caressing you to huge sparse, atmospheric psyche fields.

Dual is the well-named answer to the alternative dance world. To those who reckon dance music is mainstream and boring should check this out.

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