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Blue For Noon: Blue For Noon EP

Blue For Noon: Blue For Noon EP

You’ve got to love a record that begins with a track simply called Beginnings and wraps up a few songs later with Outro. And for those who enjoy further efficiency in their music listening, you can’t really go past Wellington dream pop outfit Blue For Noon ’s self-titled EP, which clocks in at under 10 minutes.

The record’s wee blurb on the band’s Bandcamp describes the sound loosely as ‘…some songs for the evening.’ Their website, on the other hand, talks of ‘delving into the moods of the afternoons.’

Either way, the ‘noon’ of the band’s name has well and truly been passed over.

Their chosen Bandcamp tags all encompass the four tracks perfectly well – pop, dream pop, electropop, synthwave – and the less sonic and more situational ‘Wellington’.

There’s a hypnotic, seductive quality to Blue For Noon’s sound, gently spangling synths and chimes creating an atmosphere as much as a song, the tracks meandering into one another elegantly.

Actually, ‘songs for the evening’ seems more and more an apt a descriptor the more you listen to this record. It’s beautiful music to sway and get sleepy to, to start feeding in the starting vision of a night’s dreams.