Reviewed by Amy Maynard

Skedaeddle: Final Friend EP

Reviewed by Amy Maynard

Skedaeddle: Final Friend EP

Reminiscent of days of old when the chords were simple, the melody was sweet, and at the heart of it all, the lyrics told tales of love and woe, Skedaeddle ’s EP takes you on an acoustic journey back in time.

The Napier-based folk/pop trio, features Barry Holt on lead vocals and guitar, Glen Kilmister on bass and Pete Bigley on percussion. Most comparable to the early Beatles’, the enduring influence of The Kinks and folk giants like Bob Dylan in Holt’s songwriting style is evident.

Episode 8 In The Continuing Saga Of Donna And Mark features a hypnotic guitar riff that plays around the changing mood of this both light and dark unconventional love song.

Final Friend has a simple melody hook that will soon have you singing along.

Instrumental Sleepy North could almost be a lullaby as the dreamy guitar riffs swell and build around the featured piano and violin motifs, dancing around each other in a soothing sea of sound.

Get To You encapsulates the sense of taking a stroll through an open field, surrounded by the sweet sound of bird song and whistling winds. 

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