Reviewed by Anzel Singh

Miloux: EP 2

Reviewed by Anzel Singh

Miloux: EP 2

Further mastering her craft as electronic-pop producer, songwriter and singer, Miloux returns with ‘EP 2’, combining her sultry and effortless jazz vocals with eclectic atmospheric beats skillfully orchestrated on her own – as well as writing every labour of love on the five-song tracklist.

Mirroring her method of approach as the previous ‘EP 1’, all tracks were recorded at Red Bull Studio in Auckland and proficiently engineered by Ben Lawson.

Inviting us into a futuristic space bubble with her alluring silky tone, Holiday Inn acts as opener, transporting the listener with mid-tempo angelic hums, warbling vocalisations and laser-like sound effects fading in and out.

Everybody Knows subtly infuses some neo-soul influences using electronic synths and a low organ sound combined with twinkling light factors.

Paris, the obvious choice for a single, is a catchy pop earworm stand out that feels tranquil yet playful, like a mature nursery rhyme with clean no-breath articulations, giving a bouncy urban pop feel.

Daytona includes simplistic verses and a star chorus with vibrant fluctuating glassy oscillations that carry the true colourful essence of the track.

Closing with The Garden, Miloux uses her own backing vocals and echo to call like a siren over the soaring chill vibed result, executed sophisticatedly with captivating attitude.

Ending the chapter on a good note, and leaving fans with anticipation for her debut full-length recording. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed isn’t titled ‘Album 1’. 

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