Reviewed by Bridie Chetwin-Kelly

JessB: Bloom EP

Reviewed by Bridie Chetwin-Kelly

JessB: Bloom EP

Not speaking lightly when I say this, but first hearing JessB two years ago it was clear that no one had sounded like this before in the NZ hip hop scene. Or still has.

The Auckland City rapper is a powerhouse and her rock-solid EP ‘Bloom’ speaks the message that she lives.

The lyrics focus on a narrative that surrounds parts of society that are marginalised – Jess clearly knows who she represents and what she’s trying to do with her music.

With P-Money’s iconic production hand and keeping-it-local collabs with Melowdownz, Phodiso and Rubi Du, the EP’s seven tracks hit you hard, only leaving a need for more.

Somehow JessB maintains a line of rap between femininity and masculinity in her music with a strong influence of dancehall – and on tracks like Tit 4 Tat a Missy Elliott and Timberland-like sound.

Pushing The Space is an obvious highlight, a strong message and even stronger sound making it a certified banger.

Ride Out with Melowdownz explores a softer side of her sound with a real Kiwi RnB sound.

Mixing genres and collabs in such a way that it makes you wonder which direction she’ll take next, all up making her lyrics in Set It Off, “…we going keep knocking on doors ‘til we finally push through,” almost redundant. Jess, you’ve pushed through.