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Reviewed by Jacquie Walters

Erin Cole-Baker: Till The Feeling’s Right

Reviewed by Jacquie Walters

Erin Cole-Baker: Till The Feeling’s Right

Folk singer/songwriter Erin Cole-Bakers album is a hothouse flower of a recording.

Created over two long weekend sessions, the quality of production and the overall balance of ‘Till the Feeling’s Right’ belies what must have been a very compressed and intense creative process.

There’s a lovely delicacy to most of the tracks, the notable exception being Shadowlands – which is by no means strident, but is more robust than its counterparts. ‘Till The Feeling’s Right’ is quietly uplifting.

A little more dynamic variety between tracks may have been worth exploring, however, the album has a sweet completeness to it that holds appeal. Everything Has A Season, Morning Dove and Shadowlands are the stand out tracks, the latter’s tremulous vocal ending particularly endearing.

The American-born (she grew up here) Cole-Baker released two previous albums, in 2009 and 2011, while living in Oregon.

“Everything has a season. All the twists and the turns have a reason. Can I find the joy?” she asks.

There’s certainly plenty of joy evident at the heart of her new album. It’s refreshing, wistful and delicate like a seed pod on the wind. Fragile joy has its place and hopefully, this album will find the audience it deserves.