Reviewed by Hunter Keane

Hospital Sports: Take Care

Reviewed by Hunter Keane

Hospital Sports: Take Care

Danny Ebdale, Morgan Allen and Nick Prussing are Hospital Sports.

They come together to make alternative math rock, which is reflected in their most recent and most polished release to date.

Hospital Sports’ music has matured significantly since the release of their first set of demos in 2012, held back by influences of ‘90s emo.

On ‘Take Care’ they find their own sound, while still incorporating early influences.

Mixed and mastered by Morgan Allen the album has a thoroughly intimate feel, allowing the listener to indulge in the lyrics and connect with the emotion in lyrics of heartbreak, politics and letting people into gigs.

Behind My Back chimes into themes of paranoia and closure where Ebdale speaks of opening up and letting people in, as well as allowing people to open up to him.

“Let your hair down, cause you’re never in mine,” paints a picture of a safe environment to share deeper, more emotional thoughts, comforting listeners into a state of melancholy.

‘Take Care’ reaches an emotional peak on lengthy closer What Am I Gonna Do. At 8 minutes and 11 seconds the track subtly forces listeners to face serious questions about modern society.

In the closing minutes the incorporation of strings takes the whole album to a level of nostalgia, resembling artists like American Football and TWIABP, elegant violin giving that goosebump sensation.

‘Take Care’ reaches a new level. It’s hard to not agree that Hospital Sports have comprehensively covered all the bases from folk to emo, contributing to a niche otherwise lacking in the NZ scene.